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SpLenDEd Benchmarking Repository

This Repository has been designed in the context of the European funded programme Erasmus+ 2020-1-SI01-KA204-075962 and it is addressed to adult education providers who would like to compare their education effectiveness regarding learners with specific learning difficulties (SpLDs), share their plans for improving such effectiveness and draw ideas from quality improvement plans contributed by other providers of adult education.

Step 1

Common assessment framework

First fill-in the SpLenDEd common assessment report available here and download it.

Step 2

Sign up for repository

After completing the assessment form, please register to the Repository.

Step 3

Make quality improvement plan

After registering, you can enter the repository and create your own quality improvement plan in the provided template.

Step 4

Share quality improvement plan

After completing your quality improvement plan, you can share it with others and access all assessment reports and quality improvement plans, including your own.

Browse published Quality Improvement Plans